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Re: Thank you Lebron.
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There were reports of LeBron playing through a serious foot injury both prior to and during the playoffs. They are now saying that it was a torn tendon he had in his foot.
talk of walking away from game makes more sense with torn tendon requiring surgery.  Thst is a tough rehab for a young guy, let alone the oldest guy in the league.

He may take half the season off to recover and then see how the Lakers are doing.

Also, a lot of talk on the national shows about the Lakers and Warriors making a trade with Lebron going to San Fran and Poole, Kuminga, and 1 other player going to LA (I've seen Wiggins, Moody,, etc.).  If it was Wiggins, I could see that for both teams.  LA could then move Davis for a prime asset or two (maybe Portland involving 3, Sharpe, etc.) and really rebuild.
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Re: Thank you Lebron.
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LeBron should go play college ball with his son lol

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Re: Thank you Lebron.
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I'm not thanking.  I'll be glad when LeBUM is gone for good.