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2023 Draft Buzz
« on: May 15, 2023, 11:26:23 AM »

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First real draft rumors appears to have dropped.

Looks like Bobi Klintman may have a promise in the draft. He informed Wake Forest he is not coming back and pulled out of the combine.

He is a 20 year old 6'9-6'10 swing man from Sweden who didn't put up great stats at Wake Forest but looks the part of a modern NBA 4/3 type Swing man. He did average a double double representing Sweden in the U20 b division. 

This seems like a "pre-draft" pick by a team who feels he would be a lottery pick in 2024. Maybe the Pacers at 26 or 29?


Re: 2023 Draft Buzz
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Hmmm. Sounds like a Michael Porter Jr type?

Less experienced and productive but the same physical ability and offensive skills. Lacks defensive skills but is improving. Thatís something MPJ still needs to work on, but I wonder how much of that is related to his frame and frailty?

If he goes to a team that can develop him he could have a career. That might be better than coming out next year as a lottery pick with high expectations? He seems to recognize that dynamic and has worked to position himself to keep growing and improving.

Re: 2023 Draft Buzz
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Pacers have three firsts including two late in the first.  That might be the target of Brad to move up and maybe move PP.  Of course, Utah is sitting there late and DA did like PP too.
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