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2023 Draft Swing
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Just like I did last week I am going to post my "Swings" rankings. This is a little tougher to differentiate but I defined a Swing as a perimeter player over 6'7 and over 220. I made some exceptions for taller skinnier players.

1st round   
3-8      Brandon Miller, his combination of size, length and shooting ability gives him a very high ceiling
5-15      Cam Whitmore, prototypical NBA prospect with who just needs to produce more consistently
5-15      Jarace Walker, excellent foundational piece for a team with his elite physical profile and ability to defend
10-20   Jett Howard, motor may be a question given his lack of rebounding but has the size and offensive game to be an all-star / 20ppg scorer
10-20   Taylor Hendricks, his versatility as a defender will help him carve out a starting role
10-20   GG Jackson, a young versatile player who is likely pressing to do to much this season and should thrive in a more defined role
15-25   Leonard Miller, raw but talented prospect whose versatility and size make him an intriguing project.
15-25   Kris Murray, like his brother he is a highly productive well rounded player who should be able to contribute right away
25-35   Mark Mitchell, hasnt had a huge role on Duke but would be worth a "pre-draft" pick before he returns to school and is a lottery pick
25-35   Jalen Wilson, older super productive player who needs to prove he can consistently shoot the 3
2nd round   
30-40   Emoni Bates, toughest player in this draft to project elite scoring potential on the perimeter at 6'10 but his below average athletic ability and short wingspan makes his effectiveness in NBA a question mark.
30-40   Baba Miller, has missed most of the season but at 6'11 looks alot like a healthy Jonathan Issac with how he moves on defense
30-40   Dillon Mitchell, classic super athletic under skilled 6'8 player who needs to develop a perimeter skill set
30-40   Sidy Cissoko, looks like a potential elite defender
30-40   Bryce Hopkins, old school game reminds me of Dillon Brooks but needs to prove he can shoot the 3
40-60   Harrison Ingram, disappointing this season. Needs to shoot better to take advantage of his guard like passing at 6'7 230
40-60   Arthur Kaluma
40-60   Kobe Brown, big strong swing/small ball 5 with a guards skill set. Older player but he looks like he will find a role in the NBA
40-60   Grant Nelson, took NBA draft twitter by storm 6'11 with guard skills and a nice highlight video
40-60   Berke Buyuktuncel
40-60   Paulius Murauskas
40-60   Roko Prkacin

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