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Donovan Klingan from UConn would be interesting with our 2nd round pick. Likely to be available?

Spurs win tonight v Portland hurts our chance at 33 right??

yea but at least i believe it helps us get 35 instead of 36 if we miss out on the rocket's pick

I think it is pretty likely Portland will lose tomorrow v GS Warriors unless GS purposely wants to lose to stay at 6 (v Kings) rather than go to 5 (to play Suns).  Clippers (who play Suns) and GS play at same time tomorrow, so it will be interesting. Portland's incentive to lose is much stronger than GS, so I suspect they will, which would mean in the worst case we get the 35th pick.  Not bad, given that we gave up the 29th pick for Brogdon.

I'd take a gamble on someone like Klingan if he declares. Reminds me of Kessler with Jazz; is that a fair comp?  Similar size and length, good shot blocking and rebounding. Kessler may have more nimble feet.  Klingan aspires describes himself as a combination of Jokic and Embiid; how I wish!!
Rumors are that he could climb into the 1st round.  Sonogo might be decent back up power forward. Strong rebounder. Slotted to go in this range I think.  I'm pretty uneducated on the draft this year, but I sure hope we focus on size, we are so rich with guards.

Clingan is the prime example of a “pre draft” player. If he returns to UConn he could be a top 15 pick. I suspect that if he declares it means teams have indicated he will go in the 1st round. His mobility at his extreme size makes him a much better nba prospect than his stats would indicate. Adem Bona is a physically different player who fills the same prospect niche. Either player could be worth a targeted trade up. #35 + Pritchard for Clingan or Bona wouldn’t shock me.

Clingan just announced today on Twitter he is returning to UConn  for sophomore season. Durn.  I was hoping we could figure out a way to get him.

You prefer Bona to Nnaji?

Bona vs Nnaji I go with Bona. Part of this may be that I’ve seen more of Bona but in general I am much higher on him than most. He stands out to me as a big man who fits the rare and super valuable switching and rim protecting 5. R Williams, Bam, Capela, and Okongwu all fit this mold at varied talent levels. As a 6’9 7’4” wingspan elite athlete I see him as the perfect understudy to develop behind Rob. He didn’t fill a stat sheet at UCLA but watching their games both with and without him it was clear he makes a big impact for his team.  I also really like the fact that he played FIBA U20 euro championship for Turkey and when given a bigger role
Averaged 17pt 10rb 2.5blk while shooting 66% from field.