Author Topic: Fantasy NBA keeper league seeking 2 replacement owners - $50 buy-in  (Read 7548 times)

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Hi, I run a 12-team fantasy league that needs 2 new owners. We've been going on in this present form for around a decade or so. The buy-in is $50.

The league is H2H Yahoo auction format, weekly add/drop. The keeper rule is too complicated to get into here, but basically you get 3 and the cost to keep a player goes up each year.

Since you would be a replacement owner, you'd be limited to keeping players from the original owner's team, so please keep this in mind if you're considering joining. You might not have the greatest keepers the first year, so hopefully you see joining as more of a long-term thing. Right now, one of the open teams has OK keepers, but the other team is pretty barren.

PM me if interested, thanks!

EDIT: Also you would have to be available to draft one of the two weekend evenings before the season starts.