Author Topic: Welcome to the TV Forum (read first, its short.)  (Read 16564 times)

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Welcome to the TV Forum (read first, its short.)
« on: January 22, 2009, 02:39:51 PM »

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Welcome to the TV Forum! ;D

Its something new we're trying out, the idea is simple. If you wanna talk about a TV show, talk about the TV show. Don't create threads unless you're sure its not already here, and by here I mean a general one about the TV show. All standard forum rules still apply, especially when considering Its Always Sunny.

If you have any questions about posting in this sub-forum, post them here.

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Re: Welcome to the TV Forum (read first, its short.)
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Thanks IndeedProceed.

A couple of things in case you're interested:

These two threads could be merged:

I would rename this thread as Lost (TV Show):

This thread to Generation Kill:

Everything else looks good.