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TrashTalkFantasyLeague 2020-21
« on: December 23, 2020, 08:36:49 AM »

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I wanted to propose some of you to integrate an internet game called TrashtalkFantasyLeague. It is a french game from the best french social media about about NBA; it results in a core of 100 000 players. Of course the gamepage is in french, bit it is easy to play and the page is not that vast. But it is a game well built and quiet adictiv. If you don't understand french I may explain you the different topics.

The concept is to select each day during all season (but you can plan your selection for 2/3 weeks) the best player of the day in a global evaluation (+ points,assists,rebounds, steals, shot enter... -shot missed, turnovers, fouls....). Each day you have an algoithm which give you your score, your ranking... What makes it interesting is that when you choose a guy he is locked for 30 days, so you have to select at least in a basic top 40/50 players and see when they perform. If they are DNP you don't score, so mefiance with Kawhi etc... For an exemple, I bet yesterday on Levert as it was a to games nightwith some uncertain shape and wanted to preserve LBJ,Davis,Durant,Kirie for future; tonight I bet on Booker as he plays ag Mavs defense (I thought about picking Tatum for the symbol or Giannis also). Anyway, you also have points for a free shop (the game is with 0 money, just sponsored) some funny things like spying other choices for short term etc...

But the game is more funny if you build a team (there is individudal ranking and team ranking) where all the points of the team count. The team can be from one to 10 players. So I had the idea to build celticstrongteam. I know that the language bareer may stop the initiative, but I wanted to propose it at least, if anyone is intersted, this is the link of the game and the explenation of the game (in french). Whatever you are welcome guys !
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Je ne parle pas franšais! Interesting idea but no thanks.
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