Author Topic: I’ve been playing basketball for 59 years. Let me tell you why. (Wash Post Art)  (Read 10790 times)

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I really enjoyed the story so I wanted to pass it along, something I stumbled across in the Washington post:

Nobody has ever mistaken me for any kind of an athlete — unless maybe you count chess. At 5-foot-10 and 160 pounds, with an average physique, bald and wearing glasses, I more likely resemble a highly determined actuary. Plus, a potential dealbreaker here, I’m 67.
I’ve played basketball an average of about once a week for 59 years. I’ve kept playing through everything in my life — college, engagement, marriage, honeymoon, quitting cigarettes and hard liquor, the births of our son and daughter, financial problems, the deaths of my father and mother-in-law, a hernia operation, nine full-time jobs and layoffs at the ages of 46 and 56.