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Parent Corner: Kids and the fortnite phenomenon
« on: April 18, 2019, 07:15:42 PM »

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I wanted to get some feedback from other parents about video games. My 7 year old son has really taken a liking to Fortnight, he’s obsessed with it. It has come to a point to where if it were up to him he would probably play for the entire day. I sensed it early on and put together a schedule to ensure that the playing stays within moderation - one hour of earned “play time” after all other tasks are complete, including music and sports. He does really well in school so that’s not really an issue there, but the free time I get from him playing for extended periods, say on a rainy day like today, has me feeling incredibly guilty.

How are other parents dealing with this? How many hours a week are you permitting? Am I crazy for giving him a few hours on a rainy vacation day if we have been at the park every other day this week? Would be interested in hearing from other parents who allow their kids to play.

Re: Parent Corner: Kids and the fortnite phenomenon
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My son is much older and spends almost of his free time playing Fortnite and other video games. He is only allowed to play Friday night and weekends and he has sports 3 times a week. I would go back and limit his playing if I could go back to when he was your kid's age.

Your sched seems reasonable. If/when you feel guilty, just spend time with him doing something else if you can. But 7 maybe a little young to be playing Fortnite, imho. 

Re: Parent Corner: Kids and the fortnite phenomenon
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We have older kids too, but video games were definitely something we had to manage.  We took a similar approach in allowing them to "earn" time.  This included chores, but also process based check marks for school.  Meaning, it wouldn't be awarded for grades, but for keeping their work organized, getting extra practice, reading, etc.  As far as the rainy day is concerned, I think it's fine to let them get some extra time.   

One thing that does concern me as a parent regarding Fortnite is the online aspect.  That wasn't as prevalent when our kids were young.  I have played the game myself, and while I have not personally witnessed any really bad behavior, you do have adults communicating with young children on a regular basis.  That does not make me super comfortable.  There is also the foul language issue if that is a concern for you.  It's possible to play the game without a headset, but verbal communication is a big part of it.