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Need a help
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Hi everyone!
Seeing the article about the LSU coach has got me wondering who are the cleanest programs in your opinion that are also somewhat good to great.

My vote goes to Michigan (obviously lol) and Virginia.

In terms of programs? No program can fully control what happens with the kids they're recruiting. Kids are offered money from agents, from boosters, from athletic apparel companies all the time. Or, if the kids aren't offered directly, the parents are. Even the cleanest programs in the country will have recruits touched by this in one way or another.

There are probably plenty of coaches that are "clean," because it's easy to remain ignorant, to bury your head in the sand and say, "Well, as long as I didn't do anything, it's all good." There are probably also a good number of head coaches that are clean with dirty assistants. There are probably also a decent number of programs where all the coaches are clean.

Re: Need a help
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Re: Need a help
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Temple and St Joes were always clean, then they forced out the coaches for not winning.
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