Author Topic: Please label your thread clearly! (rumors vs ideas)  (Read 47877 times)

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Please label your thread clearly! (rumors vs ideas)
« on: February 05, 2010, 07:22:32 AM »

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just a request, please make sure you label your thread clearly to avoid confusion

Examples: "Rumor: Ray for Hinrich" or "Idea: Ray for KMart"

thank you!

(to the staff: feel free to edit thread titles to make them clear, thanks)
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Courtesy for Posting Trade Proposals
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2010, 10:44:50 PM »

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This time of year almost always generates ninety zillion posts for rumors, trades, and a few actual factual alerts of news.  Since few of us have an infinite amount of time (or patience) I would like to propose a few general guidelines to avoid being viewed as a jerk.

1)  State the actual topic in your title.  If a trade proposal, rumor, wish, news report, opinion, or hallucinating delusion of desire—say so. 
2)  If it is news, or even a rumor, site a source, even if it is only the deli guy.
3)  Give a brief synopsis, preferably in the title.  If we’re interested, we’ll read on, if not, we’ll just be irked when we finally get to your point.
4)  Do your homework. 
a)  Don’t make each reader go look up your trade checker url, provide the bare bones. 
b) Read through the site enough to know if you are starting a duplicate thread.  Read enough of a thread to know if your suggestion has already been shot down by some trivial piece of data like there is no money, or no matching players, or the player can’t be traded (until x, or without approval), or you are trading players who are free agents or on another team now.  It always amazes me how many posters feel hundreds of viewers should read their inapplicable musings apparently because they can’t be bothered to read what has already been written on their subject.
c)  If you are proposing a trade, provide at least one way it might be accomplished, and at least some motivation for each of the involved parties.  Yeah I’d love it if team A would trade us a star for our three players who are likely to be waived—but I’m not going to take your time starting a thread “This Is What Danny Has To Do” whose sole foundation is that I would like for it to happen.
d)  Take a quick look at the salary and depth chart pages of the teams you are involving.  Sometimes a quick look is enough to clue one in that you are proposing taking their starting/only player at that position for cap room they have no need of or player(s) at a position where they have a surplus.
5)  Write in complete sentences with appropriate capitalization and punctuation.  Yes I know you don’t bother when texting but we’re not your favorite bud and we shouldn’t have to parse and translate your shorthand, misspelling, and stream of consciousness in order to figure out what you have to say.  If you have thoughts you think worth listening to, take the time and effort to express yourself. 
6)  Proof read what you write.  If it isn’t worth a 2nd read on your part, why would you think it is worth a first read by hundreds of others?  If you want respect, you first have to give respect to others.

Rant over, I’m climbing down off my soapbox and control of your blog is being returned to the user.

Re: Please label your thread clearly! (rumors vs ideas)
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2011, 06:28:00 PM »

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You could label your better like...Posting for Dummies

Re: Please label your thread clearly! (rumors vs ideas)
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This is important because the "Latest Forum Topics" listing on the main site (forums also) doesn't list what forum the topics come from. All you see is "Bos/Den Trade".

Re: Please label your thread clearly! (rumors vs ideas)
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couldn't we just change this forum to trade ideas? I mean if there is a real rumor (from a real source) won't that end up on the celtics talk forum anyways?

Re: Please label your thread clearly! (rumors vs ideas)
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Is this the appropriate place to also request that people spell-check their thread titles?
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