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Trade value
« on: February 01, 2023, 07:40:10 AM »

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Who has the highest trade value in the league?

Hoopshype's rankings:

1. Luka
2. Giannis
3. Jokic
4. Tatum
5. Morant
6. Embiid
7. Booker
8. Durant
9.  Curry
10. Gilgeous-Alexander
11. Zion
19.  Jaylen
60. Smart
70. Timelord

The only real quibble I have there is Durant.  We saw what the offers were, and they weren't earth-shattering.  I think he's simply too old to get the same return as some of the guys lower on the list.


Re: Trade value
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Durant & Zion with their injuries shouldn’t be in top 10
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Re: Trade value
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This is interesting.

The first thing I noted was where the top TOR players ranked.  Siakam #22, Barnes #24, and Anunobly #44.  Not sure what this means but it makes sense and probably reflects why it is Anunoby who is being talked about as being available for a trade.  These 3 guys are too similar to all be on the same team.  They should trade one of them.

Of course the overall ranking is going to be different than how I would rank in terms of the Celtics but 2 names that caught my eye were Towns #25 and Adebayo #26.  I would have both these guys higher up and they both would be excellent targets for what the Celtics need.  Other bigs are Markkanen #52 and Gobert #53.  These both seem low.  Look what Gobert was just traded for.  If that is the 53rd best trade package, what would it take to get say Siakam (#22) or Adebayo (#26)?  No one is going to offer more than the Gobert package so Gobert must be higher up the list.

Smart at #60 seems OK but then I saw that Herro was #61.  I would way rather have Smart than Herro.  I guess this is a "chicks dig the 3 ball" kind of thing.

And the last name I was interested to check was Poeltl who is at #72.  Myles Turner is #73.  The contract figures into this so it is not just about basketball but is Poeltl about the same as Turner?  They keep saying that Poeltl is "one of the league's better rim protectors".  Is he?  And if he is, why is he only at #72?  Turner does everything that Poeltl does plus hits 3s and makes his free throws.  I am not sure Poeltl is the same as Turner.
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Re: Trade value
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3. is the answer.   Jokic is truly the MVP in a literal sense of what he adds to a team.