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Bouncing Bird
« on: October 29, 2022, 03:42:04 PM »

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Found this fantastic YouTube comment recently on a Larry Bird highlight video, given its specificity on details, seems to be legit.

In 1974 Larry Bird was my P.E assistant when I was in the 8th grade and he was a senior at Springs Valley High School.  At the beginning of each P.E. class we always ran 10 warmup laps around the gym. One day, a trampoline was set up on the basketball court and there was Larry Bird bouncing on it. As the whistle blew and we reluctantly lined up to run our laps, our teacher (who was also Larry's basketball coach) blew his whistle, and said "Larry is going to take 10 shots while jumping on the trampoline.  If Larry makes any shots, each one made will delete a lap that you must run."  Coach threw the ball to Larry and right there in front of me and the entire boys Jr. High P.E. class, Larry proceeded to hit 7 out of 10 shots while bouncing up and down on the trampoline, 40 feet away from the goal.  Larry set an incredible example for me as a young boy in French Lick, Indiana that helped me through my entire adult career.  If you are willing to work very hard and never give up, your dreams can and will come true. 

Thank you Larry.

Tom Roach
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Re: Bouncing Bird
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Cool story. TP

And no, it doesn't surprise me that Larry hit 7 out of 10 off a trampoline from 40 feet away!
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Re: Bouncing Bird
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I don't know...not very athletic jump shooter.  I think he'll be a good college player but I don't see him starring in the pros.

Re: Bouncing Bird
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Cool story. TP

And no, it doesn't surprise me that Larry hit 7 out of 10 off a trampoline from 40 feet away!

He had great hand eye coordination and could hit ridiculous off balance shots at all kinds of angles with both hands.