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What Muscala brings on-court, off-court, and salary-wise in exchange for 2 2nds and Justin Jackson was a great deal. On a basic level, it turned a non-rotation player and future assets into a rotation player signed through next season at 2-3% of the cap.

One of the main reasons we lost last season was fatigue. It helped lead to a host of uncharacteristic play like unusually high turnovers, getting out-rebounded on crucial possessions, giving up points in transition, and not getting points in transition in return.

After adding Brogdon, trusting Hauser and Kornet to play consistent backup/3rd string minutes, and Pritchard and Griffin to spot start, this team didnít/doesnít need a seismic move just quality depth and Muscala seems to fit the bill. We forced the Bucks to dwindle Brook Lopezí minutes and acquire Crowder anticipating having to play small that series.

Mike will play the role envisioned for Danilo, where Al and/or Rob donít have to be on the floor at all times.