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RIP Vin Scully
« on: August 03, 2022, 07:53:13 AM »

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The world lost another icon.  RIP. 


Re: RIP Vin Scully
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Definitely on the Mt. Rushmore of announcers.  Obviously, one of the all-time great baseball announcers if not the best ever.  Not too shabby on football or golf either.  He was actually the one who called the Montana/Clark NFC title game on CBS.

Unfortunately, I'll always most associate him with the Buckner game.  :P

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Re: RIP Vin Scully
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I was born in Brooklyn and my cousin indoctrinated me into the Dodgers fandom.  At the time, the Dodgers had left Brooklyn only a few years before (1957). Scully was the first announcer I knew. He was already a legend in the mid-1960's.

Re: RIP Vin Scully
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I never really paid attention to Scully until after I moved to SoCal in 2007. I then got to enjoy Vin's soothing voice and affable style for the last 10 years of his career. He was great at what he did, and was already missed due to his retirement; now he'll be missed even more.
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Re: RIP Vin Scully
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One of the amazing things about Scully is that he rarely had someone in the booth with him.  Most of the time there are two in the booth, even three lately.  But Scully was a solo act and all that was needed.  Baseball got into streaming very early, and so as a college student on the East Coast who grew up in the Midwest, I was able to hear him call a lot of games in the early 2000s.  The only announcer I’ve ever watched a game to listen to, regardless of the teams playing.