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Re: This danged MLE
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I am still holding out for brooklyn to play ball.

I think danny caves and gives a pick or 2. We dont need 3 first rounders again next season and are much much better served to be able to retain the full mle and morris if we want.

I mean i know. Danny only want to trade 1 pick for 2 picks but the time comes to cash in a couple for a different asset.
Two things.  Why would Brooklyn cave when they are competing with the celts in the same division in the same conference.  This was a pipe dream from the start.

And, wasn’t Brooklyn going to facilitate us keeping horford.  That ship has obviously sailed so what’s left?

Re: CBA Resource : Room Exception v. MLE
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Moved & stickied.    Think this thread is a good resource for posters.  Thanks to SL, Pho & others for chiming in. 

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