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Surfer- sorry to hear the trouble you and your wife have had but glad for the good things.  Iím dealing with the 60ís too.  To be honest Iíve been loving work at home - so much better than all the driving I used to do.  Unfortunately my health has taken a hit too.  Cancer diagnosis a couple years ago. Had a stem cell transplant in April.  On the plus side the transplant was successful and with ongoing treatment we hope to keep the disease at bay for a while. On the downside Iím on a daily chemo pill and get monthly treatment infusions. Side effects not bad but it takes a toll. 

I am walking 3 miles twice a day. My mood is good almost always. Finally got to see both my daughters at the same time a few weeks ago for the first time in 2 years (one is in New Haven, the other in Sacramento).  My wife is stressed - working like crazy to make sure we are safe and helping me whenever needed ó and working full time at a middle school. 

I am at the hospital now getting infusions and will start inoculations for everything today. My immune system was wiped out by the stem cell transplant process so have to be vaccinated for everything - it takes 2 years for the whole process.   Iím getting polio, pertussis, tetanus and pneumonia today. 

Aging  isnít great but hasnít been that bad either. More confidence in my work, more time to relax, fewer financial worries (at least till I canít work anymoreÖ) and generally Iím in good shape despite above.  Covid causes stress for sure especially with the spread of omicron. But Iím hoping to steer clear at least through this wave.
 Thankfully I like being at  home!!!

Roy - thanks for asking!
Hi NG:  Definitely agree with those items.  Work-from-home is so much better. I actually think I've been more productive, just roll out of bed, make tea/coffee and get right to work.  Then no commuting stress at the end of the day.  It feels like what I had hoped to do in semi-retirement.  On your aging point, I agree as well.  Health issues suck but I like being this age in every other way.  We are pretty secure financially and actually thinking of retiring (or semi-retiring) next year.

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If anything, the last half decade has shown me that life is fickle, and to enjoy the heck outta what we got.

So I've been attempting to enjoy the heck out of everything I've got.

Melbourne's been full of lockdowns and restrictions thwarting travel, but I've been loving getting out to the beaches when I had time.

Hey, btw, if anyone's on instagram;

Feel free to add if you feel like it :)

(It's not self promo - I'm not selling anything :p)

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I wish everyone to be even stronger that CelticsStrong!
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On a personal level, Iím doing great.  2021 was an excellent year for my family, particularly financially.  We paid off some major debts, we bought a new car without financing, and we have a decent amount in savings.  My wife got a significant promotion, and Iíve moved into a new job that provides long-term security. 

Our kids are doing great, thriving in school.  Everybody is healthy and happy; with nothing worse affecting us than seasonal allergies.

And yet, while I feel fortunate and blessed, I worry a lot these days.  Iíve seen multiple friends die from Covid this year.  My sister-in-lawís mother died from it, as well.  My two brothers are currently infected, although they seem to be recovering.  One of my closest friends has lost her husband and father, and her mother is dying presently.  Beyond that, our leaders seem to be non-existent and our political system is in shambles.

Itís strange, reaching a personal apex when the world and those around me are profoundly struggling.  We try to pay it forward, but I worry for our world.