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Marial Shayok
« on: November 07, 2022, 10:20:28 AM »

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I went to the Maine Celtics game yesterday.  Very entertaining, as usual.  If you knew nothing about the team, you would have thought that Marial Shayok was the star player, particularly in the first half.  20 points / 8 rebounds / 6 assists.  Also 5 turnovers, which wasn't great.  Five threes.

Does anybody know anything about him? 

For the other players...  Luka struggled with his ball-handling and had a rough outside shooting night.  Inside, the Knicks affiliate had a hard time stopping him.  It was actually a little frustrating to watch, because "throw it to the tall guy close to the hoop" seemed to be working consistently, but Luka got relatively few inside attempts.  He still went for 20 / 10 with 3 blocks.

Davison looked fast and unselfish.  He seemed to struggle a bit more than I expected getting to the hoop against G-leaguers.  It seemed like the Knicks cut off his penetration fairly easily most times.  He also turned the ball over too much.

Denzel Valentine is a good G-league player overall, but he's got a bit of a "bad Marcus" offensive mindset.  Lots of shots early in the shot clock, a lot of times before the offense has even started to set up.  Yesterday, a lot of those shots were going in, but I'm not sure that they're wise.

Kabengele is a lot of fun to watch, because he seems to enjoy being out on the court.  He smiles, he's enthusiastic, his teammates love him.  But, overall, it was a mediocre game for him against pretty low-level competition.  11 points, 6 rebounds, 0 blocks, 6 turnovers, 6 fouls.

The only Knicks player I was all that familiar with was Garrison Brooks, who had a solid but not spectacular game.  One of their guys -- James Akinjo -- went nuclear.  40 points, 9 assists.  I have no idea if he's an actual prospect or not, but the Celtics couldn't stop him at all.  He reminds me of Chris Clemons from the Maine team last year a bit.


Re: Marial Shayok
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I remember liking him during his first Summer League stint with Philly. He had a really good senior year with Iowa State too, and had one really solid season in Turkey.

He's always looked like someone with the skills and athleticism to be in the NBA.

I like him a lot more than Valentine!