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RIP King Kong Bundy
« on: March 05, 2019, 09:41:48 AM »

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Not a good day for celebrities from the 80's/90's yesterday.

First it was Luke Perry and Keith Flint (lead singer of The Prodigy), now I just heard King Kong Bundy passed away too.

One of my favorite wrestling heels, just for his look.  His monster size, and that simple look of bald with a black singlet really worked for him.

Loved the legend (most before my time but saw thanks to video tapes) of how he used to ask for a 5-count instead of a 3-count (something WWE should have brought back by now, would work well for Braun Strowman), and the nine second win at the first Wrestlemania.  And of course the infamous elbow drop on the midget wrestler at WM3.  As I kid I thought he was such a great heel.

Then you have guest spots on "Married with Children" in which supposedly the writers named the family Bundy after him.


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Re: RIP King Kong Bundy
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great heel of a wrestler.  favorite match with him was the first King of the Ring in Providence.  Final match was him against Macho Man Randy Savage back when they were both heels.  Macho Man won but it was a helluva match.  Pity everyone from that epic match is now gone: Bundy, Macho Man, Ms Elizabeth.