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Re: Chess anyone?
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Iím interested, please post that link

it only works when we both are available to play.

in any case, this is the site, im greece666 there, add me if you make an account

just for demo purposes an invite would look like that (click on the play with a friend button)

Thanks for this link; I'll check this site out.  Haven't played in years, but I captained my high school chess team during my juinor and senior years.  We were really good during the latter campaign, going to the county finals.  I won my game on 2nd board, but in the last game on 3rd board, needing only a draw, our player left his rook en prise...! 

Have you ever played Go?

I tried Go but I had trouble understanding what was happening. If someone can guide me through a bit, I can give it another try. Another game I like is Stratego - I know the Dutch like it, don't know about the US, although iirc there are some masters from there.

You obv are a much better player than me lol, I was playing for our second team that competed in less important events- and nowhere close the second table. And yes, it sucks to lose games this way. In Greece we have a special word for what your teammate did, it could be translated as "sacriprise"  ;D

I love chess stories, and have lots of them, involving drunk Belarusians, gambling Greeks and more  ;D

And sure lichess is a p good site. ICC used to be the big chess site, but once lichess appeared it became completely dominant. Talking of sites is p good, IMO it is better moderated than most reddit subs. And for the laughs you can try eg

@Celtics4ever sure let me know when you can. Will be a pleasure.

In any case, I ll be here on Sunday and post a link on time.
g666, i have played chess and go for decades, though i am never exceptional at either.  ;D

i play on, but will try lichess later today.

on go, or baduk in korean, it is every bit as complex and thoughtful as chess, 100%. there are no moving pieces, but the board is much larger and the building of "lines" is crucial.

one thing i learned (after numerous defeats) is that in chess, the goal is usually to seize control of the middle. in go, the board is way larger, and the better strategy is to locate your lines on or close to edges. edges keep people from out maneuvering and surrounding you.  ;D

the real strategy is to seize territory (the intersections of lines are called "eyes" and you want to capture unoccupied/open eyes. the more the better.) and capture enemy stones.

at the end of the game (muturally agreed upon) captured stones are then returned to the owner. each returned stone then fills up the owner's open "eyes". then, the player with the most open eyes wins the game.

at first, go seems easy. but as i played more i saw its complexity is limited only by the player's ability to plan and think ahead.

in both, you need the mental discipline to see ahead many moves. both are fun.  ;D
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Re: Chess anyone?
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@ hwangjini_1

just saw your message. drop me a PM if you want to arrange a game, it doesn't have to be online, correspondence will do to.