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Re: Dump Deadweight & Add Championship Pieces
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Admit that we’ll probably need to add a couple picks and take on Bertans’ contract, but below seems totally doable when you compare against the return the Spurs/Pacers got for Kawhi/PG-13 when demanding a trade/coming back from injury:

BOS In: Beal, Wiseman, Green, Bertans
BOS Out: Walker, Smart, Thompson, R. Williams, G. Williams, Edwards, 2022 1st, 2024 1st

Why: Beal is a top 15 player and Tatum’s NBA BFF. Green brings veteran/championship experience that’s desperately needed. Wiseman is high-risk/high-reward. Bertans’ contract has to be taken on for the Wizards to give up Beal, but Stevens may be able to work wonders with him like he did with Theis.

WAS In: Walker, R. Williams, 2024 BOS 1st, G. Williams, Edwards
WAS Out: Beal, Bertans

Why: In this scenario, Beal forces his way to Boston. Why not us for a change?

GSW In: Smart, Thompson, 2022 BOS 1st
GSW Out: Wiseman, Green

Why: They shed $10 million, add two solid defensive vets who complement Steph/Klay/Wiggins, and move on from the risk that Wiseman may never pan out (as others have noted, his stock has fallen after his rookie campaign, especially given the recent injury).

Roster without the draft/free agency:


Final steps: The 2021 1st, 2022 2nd, sign a ring-chasing veteran PG (MLE available if we move TT, right? Available players? Avery Bradley?), and sign Dante Exum to a cheap, reclamation project two-year deal like we did with Parker (and Evan Turner before them).

Only returning players: Brown (5 years), Tatum (4 years), Langford (2 years), Nesmith (1 year), and Parker (<1 year). So if everybody was tuning out Stevens, other than these guys, we’ve moved on. We definitely need to reload this roster…

Dream Roster if we landed the first or second overall pick in 2021:

Pritchard/Cunningham/MLE Vet/Madar
Brown/Nesmith/2021 2nd
In Brad We Trust