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Re: Spurs (29-4) at Celtics (26-7) 1/5
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quick rambling thoughts on last nights game
rondo !
ray shot 50% from the ft line
marquis nice defense
great team effort without kg
refs should be investigated, horrible at the end, looked like a fix
jermaine oneal is looking good, maybe shaq can get a game off as he's looking so so

Re: Spurs (29-4) at Celtics (26-7) 1/5
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I loved Glen Davis' clutch jumpers in the fourth quarter to help us stay in the game.

It looked like Paul, Ray, Rondo, Glen Davis, and Nate Robinson were playing a game of monopoly during last night's game because they all had great individual stat-lines while contributing to yesterday evening's huge win over the San Antonio Spurs.

Ray Allen was a huge reason why the Boston Celtics were able to edge out another victory last night by bolstering the C's offensive efforts with his 31-point performance, shooting 13 of 16 from the field and 50% from beyond the arc.

Rajon Rondo had another great game since returning from injury, earning his second triple-double of the season last night and had 22 assists.

Paul Pierce was perfect from beyond the arc and from the foul-line fininshing last night's game with 18 points.

Another textbook victory from the Boston Celtics, this time over the team with the best win-loss record in the league.
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