Author Topic: Celtics (42-15) at Jazz (32-28) 2/28  (Read 67708 times)

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Re: Celtics (42-15) at Jazz (32-28) 2/28
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Some things I noticed. 

Doc should not have sit Krstic so much in the first half.  He had ten points in the first quarter and that has to be bad for his confidence.  While he did ok on defense, Big Al, scored whenever he wanted.  But he does that to most bigs in the league too.  Not all those points were on Krstic.  I think playing here will help his career.  He is good fit for our system and mobile.

Green, needs to work on his handle.  Several times the ball got poked away from him.  I love how this kid extends himself on rebounds.  I know he only had 2.  He needs some serious learning the offense and needs to get over the fact he is playing with several hall of famers.  Once he relaxes and plays his game he will do better.

I think both of them would benefit greatly from a few days of team practice.  Green more so as he needs to learn two positions.