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Re: Those other guys (Juhann and Yam)
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I have higher hopes for Juhan than for Yam.
Juhan has a similar skillet to Romeo.  Needs work on shooting.  He may have better vision then Romeo but has the same size and D capacity.  If his handles and shot improve he will definitely be a rotation player in the NBA.  Unfortunately Yam didn't impress me much in SL outside of his 1st game.  Just seems too slow.  Handles not as good as PP and his shot looked pretty bad.

Re: Those other guys (Juhann and Yam)
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I haven’t kept up with Yam, but Juhan is staying active. He’s just 19 and starting on a higher tier French team. This review makes him sound like a mashup of Langford and Schroeder right now, but he’s got time to develop his game.

He needs to learn to pick his spots with his speed instead of going 100mph all the time, but Nesmith is still struggling with that himself. Romeo is more in control and knows where to be, but he’s not as aggressive putting pressure at the rim. Slowing down and playing under control will help him creating for others and improve his assist to turnover rate.

He’s raw, but still shows potential even though his game looks more street ball than NBA.

Re: Those other guys (Juhann and Yam)
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Yam was mostly injured during his Summer League stint. He's still a prospect. Still only 20.