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Can I ask the anti-Green crowd something? what would you consider a good game from Jeff, seeing as how he's a bench player.

 not a great game, a good game.

Because apparently 16 points and the game winning defensive play = not a good game vs. Utah

11 points and a key steal not enough vs washington.

12 points and 3 blocks not a good game vs. the bucks

and tonight, 9 points on 4-6 shooting also not a Good game.

I mean, I'm not trying to say he's lived up to his contract, or he's playing great or something. I think overall he's really underwhelmed when you throw in the 3 stinker games.

 But from the way people post you would think he's Marbury.  ::)

I'm just trying to see what it takes before we can say "good game by Jeff" and not have people jumping out of the wood work to tell us how stupid we are.

is the threshold 20 points? 25?

I agree entirely with this.  Of course he hasn't gone from zero to hero like a lightswitch - it'll be a gradual process as he spends more time around the team and gets back into his rythm, but he's definately improved a LOT as of late. 

For the record, over the last 5 games Green is averaging (Per 36 Min):

15 Points
1.5 Assists
6 Rebounds
5.3 Free Throw Attempts
3.4 Turnovers

Shooting very pretty efficiently too:

47% FG
50% 3PT
76% FT

The only bad statistic is the turnovers, but that's expected on a new team where he's still trying to find his role.  Otherwise that is VERY solid production for a bench player, and the PP48 scoring rate (20.0) is already up around vintage Jason Terry range - remember Terry traditionally played 30+ minutes in his sixth man roles.   

Honestly, what we're getting from Green now on a per minute basis is enough to consider him a very solid and productive addition to our bench, but if he can up his scoring to around 12 PPG in similar minutes that then  pushes him from 'solid' to 'elite'.  Still, 9 PPG is really all we need from him as long as he keeps improving his defense and maintains his current rebounding rate.

If we can (consistently) get 9 from Green, 7 from Barbosa, 6 from Lee, 6 from Wilcox and 4 from Sully (that's about what those guys are averaging right now) then that's 32 PPG from our bench every single night - about 3x what we were getting from our second unit last year, when we took Miami to game 7 of the finals.   

That also means 30%-35% of our scoring production is coming from our bench - this means we only need to rely on our starters to give us 65%-70% of our offense rather than 90% like last season.

Plus all of that ignores the fact that Terry will likely go back to the bench once Bradley returns - that gives us even more scoring punch.

The problem with Green isn't his production, it's the expectations.  People look at his contact and they are expecting him to put up $9M numbers in order to justify that contact, but he doesn't need to do that this year, let alone right now.  Think of that contact as an investment - he's got the next three years to earn and live up to that, and if he keeps working on his game he will earn that money in the coming years.  Right now all we need is for him to be a productive contributer off the bench.

Re: Raptors (2-6) at Celtics (5-4) 11/17
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Also loving the Barbosa addition - people say he's no point guard, but so far he's on an Ass:TO ratio of 3.6 which is 17th in the league and scary close to Rondo (4.1).

Not saying the guys a pure PG, but if he keeps playing like this then he may fill the role better than expected once he learns the Celtics playbook. 

Oh, and his 18 Points-Per-36-Minutes on 48% shooting ain't too shabby either!!


In fact speaking of turnovers:

- Barbosa has gone 69 straight minutes (last 3 games) without a turnover

- Sully has played 89 straight minutes (last 6 games) without a turnover

No wonder Doc likes those guy!

Wilcox (in his last 88 minutes) has recorded 7 turnovers - that's anywhere from 14 to 21 potential opposition points that aren't getting scored if Sully is out there. 

Wilcox definately brings something great to the table with his size, energy and athleticism but I can see why Doc still gives Sullinger plenty of minutes - kid knows how to play!
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