Author Topic: Pacers (44-13) at Celtics (20-39) Game#60 3/1  (Read 23157 times)

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Re: Pacers (44-13) at Celtics (20-39) Game#60 3/1
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Been a good  entertaining game

I have no complaints.

Me either..this was a hard fought game for the entire game...can't ask for anymore (I guess you can ask for a win  ;D)

I'll take the ping pong balls at this point.

yep. season is lost anyway. let's get a great draft pick.

Re: Pacers (44-13) at Celtics (20-39) Game#60 3/1
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C'mon, we win this one if the officials give us back the points they stole from us. no lie, they were horrible!!!

Kris "Kardashian" is a keeper. I would bet the guy would gladly renegotiate his contract for a shot to stay in Boston. I don't know about better but he dang sure is playing harder than anyone else on the team.